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STEM Coaching

The Challenge:

This school knew their teachers and students had it in them to hit their end of year goals they had been working toward, but by the time March rolled around, they couldn't possibly bear to add one more thing to their team's plate. No sweat--they knew just who to call for turn-key deliverables that provided the boost their team needed to get over the hump in preparing for end of year assessments.

The Solution:

Our solution involved weekly coaching for middle and high school teachers to deepen their content knowledge in math and science priority standards. Alongside this, we provided ready-to-use student materials for focused spiraled review practice. To maximize impact, we conducted ongoing data analysis that identified priority interventions, ensuring continuous improvement in student results.

The Results:

The project's impact has been truly remarkable, as evidenced by outstanding results. Both the math and science content teams achieved Above Average Growth on the Missouri Annual Performance Report (APR) for their 5th - 9th grade students. Furthermore, the end-of-year state assessment revealed that the school not only secured the top spot in the city for growth in science but also doubled their math growth compared to the previous year. The school's exceptional performance positions it as a leader in academic growth, showcasing the tangible benefits of our tailored solution.

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