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Hiring Strategy & Implementation

The Challenge:

A newer charter network with a unique educational philosophy had been using some ‘rinse and repeat’ interview questions in their process. Feeling like they had hit an interview plateau, the school’s leaders kept asking themselves “how do we update our interview process to showcase who we really are at our core and find educators highly aligned with that mission?"

The Solution:

Did you say values-aligned interview process? We love this type of project! DCC worked with school leaders to consider more immersive and engaging ways to weave their school values through the interview process. Leaders were seeking opportunities to not just TALK about values and skills, but rather to see candidates LIVE OUT these values and mindsets during an interview day. Our team at DCC worked with a 6-person administrative team to rebuild and refine their interview day, elevating their “questions only” approach to more authentic, engaging, and immersive tasks and reflections with candidates.

The Results:

Not only did the administrative team leave with a more succinct and values-rich interview process for selecting top talent, but they also had some talent revelations in the process. One leader reflected that "Even though the market feels really slim and full of a lot of competition, we can still have a really engaging and robust interview process for teachers."

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