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Organizational Climate Support

The Challenge:

This network was faced with answering the million dollar question: how do we reduce teacher workload in an effort to retain dynamite teachers without sacrificing instructional quality and student outcomes for students? The solution to addressing these interconnected issues involves providing high-quality curricular materials accessible to any teacher, regardless of their experience. This not only ensures that all students receive the instruction they deserve but supports the reduction of teacher workload, contributing positively to staff satisfaction and overall retention. 

The Solution:

Collaborating with DCC, this network aimed to comprehensively develop its curricular resources, aiming to ease the burden on educators, and allowing them to focus on absorbing content and enhancing their instructional practices. This two-year project involved the creation and refining of K-8 curricular materials for six different campuses, including: student-facing materials that utilize best practices for math instruction, supplemental resources allowing for quick and easy spiraled review & math intervention, and scaffolded lessons to support and accommodate all students in accessing grade-level content.

The Results:

Serving 6 campuses, 85 teachers, and 2,100 students, DCC developed over 1,200 lessons for teachers’ daily use and 800+ scaffolded lessons to provide all students equitable access to content. Better yet--the network saw quantifiable improvements in student outcomes as a result of this project. From the network’s Director of Math & Science, “You would be happy to know that 5 out of 6 campuses met our math goals for this school year. There was A LOT of work that went into this, but I know that having aligned materials was a very large part of this work so teachers could spend more time on prepping and learning the content they needed to teach versus getting lost in materials creation. So, again thank you!”

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