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Internal Hiring Team Coaching & Development

The Challenge:

Taking the helm of an HR/Talent team, the Director of Human Resources noticed that Hiring Managers did not have a consistent interview process or system for ushering teacher candidates through their process. Gaps in the existing system were leading to School Leaders missing opportunities to refer back to new hire strengths and areas of growth they uncovered during an interview process. Because of the lack of clarity about interview systems, leaders worried that candidates were experiencing a lack of cohesion throughout the interview process.

The Solution:

After building out a playbook, DCC led a retreat with members of the senior leadership team to align on the start-to-finish interview process, address and solve prior communication challenges within the organization’s interview process, and ensure leaders had a succinct interview goal: guarantee that each candidate understands the organization’s values, yet also felt inspired by the team and its strengths as a network.

The Results:

We could feel the collective sigh of relief seeing 12+ leaders leave the hiring retreat feeling much more empowered in the interview process and goals.

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